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The Wisconsin Honey Producers Association awarded John & Marilyn Piechowski the Pioneer Award for the association at their 2013 Annual Convention in Racine. 

Spring: Bee season!  The bees come home from taking flight over the winter months and package season arrives in April.  

Late Spring/Summer: Pollination Season!  Without bees, you don't eat!  

Late Summer/Early Fall: Extracting season!  This is the time of year for those interested in Comb and/or "Raw Honey" to get it by request.  

Fall/Winter: Get ready for spring!
(Above)  With the cold winter weather in Wisconsin, several truckloads of bees make their way out to California for pollination season of Almond and Citrus crops.  Pictured above Steven smokes the hives before Dan picks them up with the loader and places them carefully onto the semi.